Steve Ganson : « Vous êtes une honte pour la Rugby League »

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cachau henri
10 septembre 2018 16h22

paroles, paroles, il nous faudrait des actes, restant à savoir si nos ‘amis’ anglais souhaitent nous voir demeurer en super-league, qu’ils l’annoncent franchement au lieu de se décréditer comme ils le font depuis un certain temps par le biais d’arbitrage douteux ?

10 septembre 2018 16h48
Réponse à  cachau henri

Que l’on aot gagné ou perdu ce match, on demeure en SL, de plus nous avons gagné ma coupe, votre histoire de conspiration contre les dragons ne tient pas, par contre, cet arbitre n’a rien à faire en SL.

Kevin Gleig
Kevin Gleig
10 septembre 2018 21h42
Réponse à  cachau henri

we were at the game, and we were as outraged as other fans; by the time we got home afterwards, I had messages from friends who are Saints fans, all saying that they had no wish to win matches by such abysmal refereeing – they were clear that this game brought no honour to their team; like us, they don’t want Mr Moore to referee any game involving their club; like me, they do not believe that the refereeing performance was the result of corruption: Mr Moore was simply out of his depth, and was not competent to take this… Lire plus »

Mich Burnett
Mich Burnett
11 septembre 2018 13h06
Réponse à  Kevin Gleig

Kevin Gleig I put myself in your place finally for the true fan of St Helen and the real treizistes! But it will soon come time for the end of the season to make a summary of all the errors or all the malonnetetes of arbitragecommisent since the beginning of this year! Who do not serve the cause of the rugby league! Even in the eyes of the Australians you are being dishonest! The nation of the Rugby League is watching you today with a very critical eye and it is not the president of the umpires of the Super… Lire plus »